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Rotator Genie - Be the Owner of Constant Traffic and Promotions!

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Own Your Very Own URL Rotator System While Earning Income Selling Your URL Spots..


Here's how it works...

You are the OWNER of the Rotator Genie URL Rotator System 


As the Owner you can enter UNLIMITED URL's into the rotation!


Here's Another Money-Making component -

Set the system up to allow your customers to enter their URL's into the Rotator

Sell your URL spots in the Rotator - and as the Owner You keep 100% of your sales!


It gets even better:

- You have a URL Gallery page on Your domain 

- Gallery displays the active URL's

- Promote the URL that is showing your Gallery

- Standard Rotator page

- Send traffic Directly to One or ALL active URL's

- Clicks are tracked for accountability and analysis on all URL's


Your the Owner of Constant Traffic and Promotion..  .. .. .. .. 

Video Details Exactly how Rotator Genie Makes Money for You!!


Happiness In Your Success,


President GloballyKnown.com