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Jerry Watson
Published by: Jerry Watson on 06-May-21
Crusade To Fight Poverty Do you know someone that needs help

Hello everybody Jerry here,You may know that for some time now I have been trying to find ways to make money online working with network marketing companies, and you may know that I have not had much success with all of that. However, something has happened that is changing all of that.
By association, I have met a group of people that have formed a coalition and a crusade to eradicate poverty. They have a system that helps people rise out of poverty quickly and easily, and in such a way that the income they help them create is lasting and increasing month after month!
It is simple, anyone can take advantage of and an easy system to follow. It can be initiated with no money out-of-pocket to start and the most anyone will ever payout is only $10.00! That $10.00 becomes $3,905.00 that can be created in as little as a week to a month and comes to the participant month after month forever! This is AMAZING! It is almost too good to be true, but it is true! It is all because of a special school founded by a lady named Liezel Le’Vogel; she teaches people how to make this happen and guarantees success if you follow her system.
I am so excited about this, and I am sharing it with you because you may know someone who is struggling and in need of a real sustainable income that they can count on. I am looking for people who want to join me in this crusade to eradicate poverty. The rewards are plentiful and fulfilling as well.
Please watch the video on the link below, it is free to make an account and learn more about the school, and this crusade. If you have any questions, Liezel is available to help answer questions Mon.-Fri. at 11:00 AM EST, and my battalion leaders are available to help us as well.
I do hope you will choose to join this crusade to help annihilate poverty, the more who help us fight the more victories we will have. The more of us who act now, the more we will create the ripple effect that spreads worldwide, freeing millions of people from the suppression of poverty as time goes on.
Please watch the video and fill out the form; then verify your email address so that you will receive your login details to your free portal of the school. Then click on the link for Crusade to Kill Poverty on the left side of the page. The step-by-step process to follow is on that page. Please contact me for more assistance. I am anxious to go to battle with you, fighting poverty is fun and exciting!          

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Mon-Fri, at 11 AM & 6 PM, EST